The Curious Institute is a space to reconnect with your inner compass. Our goal is to help you confidently make the next step in your life: whether that includes college, work, travel, or another form of less conventional education.

We offer coaching, learning programs, and Personal Education Mapping to help you discover what you want to learn and the right way to learn it.  Our mission is to help you take control of your education by finding unique, less traveled, more effective, and less expensive learning opportunities.

About Eileen
Eileen Walz is committed to reimagining how we perceive and pursue education. An advocate for self-directed and hands-on learning, she has helped numerous students find the education path that is right for them. She has worked as Head of Academics at Kalu Yala Institute in Panama, as an instructor at the University of Illinois’ College of Engineering, and a physics teacher at STRIVE Prep High School. Her diverse experiences and commitment to exploring education has given her a wealth of knowledge about how to make the most of your education, no matter where you are on your path.