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ExpandEd offers programs and curriculum designed to change the way schools talk about higher education. Our offerings give students a framework to consider more than college. We focus on outlining all options for continuing their education and teach tools that lead to greater self-awareness to allow students to make informed decisions about their future.

Our programs center on the beliefs that students need to know:

  1. Why they are continuing their education.
  2. How they learn best.
  3. What they need to learn to find personal success and a satisfying career.

There are many great paths for students to choose. We want to offer support on making the right choice for them whether that means studying at a 4-year college or university, taking community college classes, pursuing technical certification, or jumping straight into their career. We goal is to offer students increased clarity about how to move forward on the path that is right for them.  

We understand that with the current system, guidance counselors cannot be expected to serve all of their students in a personal way. Let’s change that.

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Why Choose ExpandEd?

  • Deciding where and how to continue their education after high school is the most important decision a student makes.
  • The higher education landscape is evolving rapidly, drastically shifting the value of degrees, hands-on learning, and professional experience.
  • Students need greater and more personal direction than guidance counselors can offer.
  • Students need awareness around what options exist outside of college AND what to focus on if they do go to college.