SummerX Mission:

The mission of SummerX (short for Summer Experience) is to prepare students for meaningful and impactful careers through internships with local companies and startups that will enhance the education & entrepreneurship community.


  • What is SummerX?
    • SummerX is a ‘summer internship experience’ offered to college-level students. SummerX is designed to make it easier for local companies and startups to connect with young talent and offer meaningful work experiences for both the company and the student. SummerX is being run by Eileen Walz, who also started UIntern, a similar program that has 5 years of success at the University of Illinois.
  • How do companies participate and what are their responsibilities by participating?
    • Companies post a description of the type of internship they are interested in offering. Note: Companies are invited to post multiple projects for a higher likelihood of finding the right match.  
    • If matched with an intern, companies will:
      • Offer a part-time paid internship to a qualified intern for at least 6 weeks between May 28th and Aug 10th (internship dates will be determined by you and the intern).
      • Create a clear project with defined deliverables and project scope at the beginning of the internship.
      • Provide the intern with a designated mentor who is responsible for 1-on-1 weekly check-ins with the intern.
    • Other Notes:
      • Companies will have access to the EdGarage coworking space when working with their intern.
      • If you are matched with an intern, companies will pay a $200 fee to participate in the program.
  • How do interns participate and what are their responsibility?
    • The first step is to apply. You can find the application page here. Once accepted we will do our best to match you with the right organization. *Note you are not guaranteed a job until you have talked to your host company directly.
    • During the summer interns will:
      • Work agreed upon number of hours with your organization
      • Submit weekly check-ins to your mentor
      • Attend bi-weekly EdGarage trainings
      • Submit a final work summary at the end of the summer
  • What are some examples of potential projects?
    • Some projects companies might offer are doing market research and development, launching a new marketing campaign on social media, or assisting in the development of a new service or product for a given audience.
    • A more detailed list of example projects can be found here, though the exact project details will be determined by the participating companies.
  • Why would I participate in a program like this?
    • You get support and motivation on a project you define.
    • It’s a win-win. Companies get to connect with a new collaborator who brings fresh ideas and new strategies to the company. Students get experience in the ‘real-world’ learning and doing things with tangible impact.
    • The mentor and the intern will get support from our team and access to the EdGarage.